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Ted Dekker has written over thirty novels, which have sold more than 10 million copies. discover a world of heart-pounding suspense filled with inescapable truth.


We were told that we would have great power in this life.

that rivers of life would pour from our inner most being; that we would find peace in the midst of any storm. that our love would cast out all fear.

and yet...we don't experience that kind of power. what have we missed?

it's time to awaken to a new way of being in this life. all who are weary or confused, enter here and experience a 21 day challenge that will change your life.



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THE CREATIVE WAY is Ted Dekker’s 5 week course in writing and selling the kind of fiction that readers crave. It includes both Audio Sessions and Books.

Once you see how simple and powerful it is, you'll never write another way. The Creative Way will show you how to awaken to a whole new perspective of your life as a writer. And make money doing it.


Ted’s mission and passion is very simple: to explore truth through story. He is an multiple award-winning, New York Times and international bestselling author of more than thirty novels. His work has reached tens of millions worldwide and has been translated into multiple languages.

Two of his novels have been produced as major feature length films, and in 2013 NPR readers nationwide named him as one of the top suspense writers of all time.